Q: How are TranSleev™ farecard holders assembled?

A: The entire assembly of TranSleev™ MetroCard™/Farecard holders is produced by a multi-step manufacturing process, utilizing the latest printing and stamping techniques. Careful consideration is given to allow farecard to slide in and out of holder easily.
TranSleev™ produced for Turner Broadcasting System, new logo & ad campaign, 2004

Q: How long does a TranSleev™ farecard holder last?

A: TranSleev™ MetroCard™/Farecard holders are made entirely from durable virgin PVC, with an overall thickness of .050″. Thousands of customers in our initial test market of Washington, DC have used TranSleev™ MetroCard™/Farecard holders for over five years. Three sides of each sheet of the holder are heat-sealed, making TranSleev™ virtually indestructible.
Transleev™ Metrocard™ Holder produced for New York City Board of Education Special Event

Q: How is the farecard’s magstripe protected?

A: With no holes, hinges, or folds,
TranSleev™ MetroCard™/Farecard holders provide your farecard with strong protection from scratching against other embossed credit cards in tight wallets or purses. The magstripe is thus protected against mis-readings at subway turnstiles.



Q: What are the graphic limitations on TranSleev™ farecard holders?

A: No longer limited to simple one or two-color screen printing on soft vinyl or thick paper stock, your graphics can be presented in exciting new ways. TranSleev™ farecard holders have two printable sides that can be printed in four-color process with bleeds on either side. Foil stamping and embossing capabilities are available. The graphic possibilities are endless!

TranSleev™ produced for special event at
The Jewish Museum of New York